Swine flu is back !!

Swine flu is back !!! This time the major states affected seem to be Madhya pradesh, Rajasthan, and UP. though recently Delhi and Telanga also got affected. Please see the latest news stories.

The latest death seems to that of the ACP of Warangal.

However, in reality, swine flu is not as scary as the media would have you believe. Most people with swine flu will just get a mild cough or runny nose and become alright without any treatment. Some however , for eg:- young children, pregnant women and elderly people (i.e. Age > 65), are at increased risk of developing complications as well as dying in case they are unlucky enough to develop swine flu.

In addition to these people, people with weak immune systems (i.e. patients with arthritis or autoimmune disease) are also at high risk of developing swine flu as well as its complications.

The good news is that swine flu is easily preventable by a simple injection costing around 700 to 900 rupees. Ideally all arthritis patients should receive the vaccine and I usually suggest it to all my patients. If I have not suggested it to someone by mistake then please take the same as soon as possible.

Please talk to your local doctor or your pediatrician for the vaccination. You can also call Optima clinic at 080-23494600 or 9980094600 to schedule your vaccination

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